Introducing Thunda

The World's First
Transportation App.

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About The App

Thunda is a delivery and transportation app that enables you to book for a ride or earn by driving and can be used to simplify product delivery. With Thunda, you can get a driver to drive you to your destination without having to go to a bus stop, you can even book for a flight if you want. For drivers, riders and pilots: With Thunda, you can earn daily by driving passengers to their destinations or delivering products that were ordered for from the Virtual Public Market - VeePee Market.

User Friendly

We made it very easy to use book for a ride or deliver passengers and products using Thunda.

Choose your fees

You get to mention how much you want to pay for a ride. The nearest driver who finds the fees convenient will come pick you.

Free of Charge

Thunda app is absolutely free. No taxes, no ADs. We only charge a small commission fee of 5% per trip.

How The App Works?


Provide information about yourself and register on the Thunda platform either as a driver or as a passenger.

Set your location

The system will automatically detect where you are but you still need to tell where you are presently.

Set your destination

Provide the address and description of the place you want to go to. You may trace it on the map if you can.


Offer your price. State how much you want to pay for your trip. After that relax, a driver will come pick you.

App Screenshots

Download The App Now!

We've currently rolled out for Android devices only. Apple iOS release is still on its way but the release shall be announced as soon as it is out.